Good Motherhood

Once you've settled into the new rhythms of motherhood, it's time to reconnect with the woman behind the mama. Being a mother can be quite demanding and we can easily forget to take care of ourselves. Good Motherhood is about the foundation of your wellbeing: your safe haven, the place you can return to learn how to care for yourself as you care for everyone else.

We believe that if mamas are well, families and communities at large will be well too — you are the tree from which the fruits are born. That's why we help you create the foundation to nurture your body, heart, and soul and connect with the intuition within you.

During the early stages of motherhood, mothers experience significant changes that make them especially vulnerable to depletion: physical, hormonal, and emotional imbalances that can cause a cascade of wellness issues. Holistic care is key.

Good Motherhood takes a 360-degree holistic approach to wellness for mind, body, and spirit. When you sign up to this course, you'll access guided meditations, movement classes, nutritional tips, and recipes in a series of videos focused on the different phases of motherhood.

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  • If you're already a mama, Good Motherhood is perfect for you. It supports you in building powerful self-care practices to replenish and sustain your energy, so you can be the most brilliant version of yourself.

    With a specialized approach to wellness, mothers can prevent and resolve the cumulative effects of depletion. We must learn how to nourish ourselves first, so we can feel empowered by all the gifts motherhood brings. When we mamas better understand our own needs, we learn how to live in balance with ourselves amidst all the demands of modern life.

Good Motherhood is all about emphasizing the care of YOU:

  • Nourish

    body, mind, and spirit.

  • Protect

    against long-term depletion.

  • Allow

    changes to take place in the most illuminating way.

Each module offers simple rituals that draw from the ancient power of Ayurveda and Yoga, and creative practices of mindfulness based on the Alexander Technique.
Every part of Good Motherhood is designed to help you find more balance, stamina, vitality, and peace while dissolving stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.
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What's Included:

  • Meditations &


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  • Bodywork

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  • Yoga, Breathwork & Alexander Technique

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  • Pelvic Floor Exercises

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  • Tapping

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  • Fascia Rolling

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  • Motherhood Nutrition & Recipes

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  • Awareness Tools

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  • Mother Rituals

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  • Mama Talk

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  • Support & Community

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