Postpartum Belly Binding FAQ

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Answers by postpartum doula Sarva from Inner Sun and Moon. Check out her instagram @sarva.birthkeeper

Q: How soon after birth can I start wearing a postpartum belly bind?

A: The Ayurvedic way is to massage the mama's belly with warm sesame oil or ghee and then gently wrap her belly as soon as possible after giving birth.

Q: How do I wrap the belly bind? Should it be tight?

A: No. Aim for firm but gentle. Somewhat like wrapping a sprained wrist with an elastic bandage. It shouldn’t be tight like a French corset, this can be damaging. 

Q: How often should I wear a postpartum belly bind?

A: From an Ayurvedic perspective it is recommended 10-12 hours daily for the first 42 days after giving birth. Start with a couple of hours to find your comfort level, if it becomes uncomfortable at any time, take it off.

Q: What if I had a cesarean birth? Can I still belly bind?

A: Yes, you can wrap your belly after the doctor is done stitching and bandaging your incision. The important thing is to only wrap your belly if it feels comfortable for you to do so. Some women prefer to wait until their stitches start dissolving. Even if you don’t do so right away, belly binding still has many benefits within the first three months of postpartum.

Q: What if I didn’t do a postpartum belly bind after the birth of my baby, would it still be beneficial to do it now?

A: Yes! It is never too late to receive benefits from postpartum belly binding. Women who have never had a baby who are in need of vata reduction can benefit from postpartum belly wrapping / binding.

*Most of all, it is important to always talk to your doctor or your physical therapist and hear the risks and benefits of postpartum advice.



Written by: Raquel Araujo
Edited by: Lily Zara

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