How to Host a Mother’s Blessing

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I was eight months pregnant when my sister and friends kept asking if I was going to have a baby shower. They offered to throw me one, but each time I turned them down. The journey through pregnancy and mamahood are incredibly meaningful, and traditional baby showers seemed to be without the significance that I felt stirring inside me. I didn’t need any more material items for my baby, so why would I need to have a baby shower?

One day, I was on the phone with my friend and life coach Jennifer Grace talking about baby showers. She brought up the idea of a Mother’s Blessing ceremony as an alternative to a traditional baby shower, and I was immediately intrigued. I had never heard of a Mother’s Blessing before, so I started doing research to find out more. 

A Mother’s Blessing, or blessingway, is a traditional sacred ceremony by the Navajo in North America. The women from a “village” gather together to honor the pregnant woman’s journey by offering support, love, and strength. It’s all about celebrating a woman’s rite of passage into motherhood.

The real gift of a Mother’s Blessing lies in the community coming together to uplift the mama-to-be and let her know that she will not be on this journey alone. A Mother’s Blessing is just as much about honoring the mother as it is the baby. 

I loved the concept, so I decided to do it, albeit with a modern twist. I invited the men in my tribe to participate, including my husband!


motherhood, baby showers, pregnancy
The day of my ceremony was absolutely beautiful. Dolphins were swimming in the water, rainbows and even a summer rain! We had to wait for the storm to pass in order to bring everyone down to the beach. By the time we started, it was already evening. The ocean was calm and all my friends showed up to give me support.
motherhood, baby showers, mother blessings, pregnancy
Fast forward to one year later, my passage into motherhood was so transformational for me that I decided to put all my wellness knowledge into helping mamas and mamas-to-be celebrate their powerful journey as the givers of life, and that’s how Good For Mama was born.
Just recently, I had the opportunity to give the gift of a Mother’s Blessing to another mama-to-be in the same way that Jennifer Grace had given me; only this time it would be virtual. The incredible second-time mama Amanda Hertzberg trusted me with the ability to hold space and create a beautiful ceremony.

The virtual Mother’s Blessing allowed friends and family from all over the world to participate and show our love and support for Amanda. Although we were physically apart, we were connected for her.

To make our virtual connection even stronger, we sent Amanda’s favorite candle and ceremonial cacao in the mail before the day of the event. By the time the ceremony started, we all had our cacao drinks ready and our candle lit for Amanda.

We started the ceremony welcoming each guest. It was beautiful to see the different generations of women coming together. We meditated over a protection mantra for Amanda while sipping the cacao. Then, everyone shared how they met Amanda and her influence in their lives. Her mama made everyone cry with so many beautiful words. We sent her our blessings, and then I asked everyone to say one word that represents Amanda. I wrote them down and made a beautiful collage for her to look at while going through her journey.

I loved doing this so much for her that I decided to offer this as a treat to all my green and purple members.If you’d like to host your own Mother’s Blessing, here’s my step-by-step guide for hosting a meaningful Mother’s Blessing ceremony:

Find a host

The host can be a sister, a mother, or a spiritual friend. The host will organize all aspects of the Mother’s Blessing ceremony, from leading the meditations to deciding on the order of the speakers.

Gather your tribe 

For a ceremony that lasts between an hour and an hour and a half, your guest list should not exceed more than 15 people. Don’t be afraid to keep it small – everyone who attends should be important to the mama-to-be and understand their role as a pillar of love and support for her as she enters this next phase in her life.

Set a date, time, and location

The Mother’s Blessing should take place in a place where the mama-to-be feels at peace. That might be the beach, a park, or even virtually in her home. Set the date and time a month in advance to make sure everyone can attend.

Welcome everyone to this special event

At the beginning of a Mother’s Blessing, it’s important to welcome all your guests to the ceremony. Let them know that everyone in attendance is here because the mama-to-be chose them to be with her on this spiritual journey, which they all play an important role in.

Explain the origins of a Mother’s Blessing

For many people, this will be their first Mother’s Blessing. Help them understand the significance of this ceremony by telling them where the Mother’s Blessing comes from, and why the mama-to-be chose to hold this ceremony in lieu of or in addition to her baby shower. 

Take part in a ceremonial ritual

Whether you all drink a ceremonial tea or practice a meditation together, you’ll want to find a ceremonial ritual that speaks to the heart of the mama-to-be. This ritual will connect your guests together in honor of the mama-to-be and set the stage for the next part of the ceremony. 

Ask your guests to offer the mama-to-be a few words of encouragement

This will be the bulk of the ceremony. Every guest will take the floor and tell the group how they met the mama-to-be, and offer his or her best words of wisdom for her as she enters motherhood. Each story is like a love letter, encouraging the mama-to-be on this new journey and letting her know she has her tribe to turn to for support. Bring plenty of tissues, as this part of the ceremony tends to be incredibly emotional!

Close with a final ritual

At the end of the Mother’s Blessing, the host should say a few words to wrap up the ceremony, and close with a final ritual that cements this group as one in support of the mama-to-be.

A Mother’s Blessing is a beautiful alternative to a traditional baby shower. It’s a ceremony that showers the new mom with all the love and support she needs to embrace her own inner strength as she enters motherhood. A Mother’s Blessing is a celebration of women’s empowerment, which she will channel often in this new journey.


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