Fear (Also) Gets in the Way of Movement

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"The key to change... is to let go of fear." --Roseanne Cash

There has been so much fear in 2020. Due to Covid-19, we’ve become afraid of touching, hugging, or being around people. There is also fear mongering and conspiracy theories broadcast on mainstream television to get more views. Fear has been good for some businesses while it has destroyed others. One thing is certain, 2020 has been a hell of a ride.

It’s interesting how fear gets in the way of our functioning on many levels. I’m in Sedona where we’ve been going on hikes. We hiked Bell Rock yesterday. Overall it’s an easy hike until you get close to the top. In order to get all the way up, I had to do some rock climbing, and release a lot of fear. 

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I realized, fear was our biggest difference, not age. I thought, why am I afraid of falling? I don’t remember being this fearful a few years ago. Then it came to me, I’ve become a mother. My life is not just about me anymore; there is so much to lose. 

Once I deliberately released fear, my legs became stronger, my hips more flexible, and my head focused on one thing only: climb to the top. I felt like the boy I saw passing by. In an instant, I felt rejuvenated and strong.

Nothing had changed other than noticing the fear, and allowing it to move through me. The body will always respond to stimulus coming from the mind. If fear is in command, the body will react accordingly.

It made me think of how detrimental fear is to our overall health. It freezes our actions, our bodies, and our spirits. It also made me think of my son Jasper. He’s not afraid at all. He does whatever he wants to do, and waits for one of us to catch him. He trusts he will be taken care of. More often than not, he’s right. 

Here is what works for me. I hope this can be helpful to you too.

When you notice the fear taking over your consciousness, pause. Take a deep breath and exhale. Fear is an entity that needs a host in order to survive. Different from a virus though, you have the power to say no, you don’t belong here.

Make it a conscious practice. Notice it and let it go. Notice it and let it go. Watch your reality change.

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